Cowhide And Leather Panelled Handbag

$119.00 AUD $182.50 AUD


The key features of our stylish Cowhide and Leather Panelled Handbag is its two toned swatches - a dark cowhide, and a sharp L-shaped chocolate leather trim. The handbag also features matching chocolate leather handles. All elements combined, create a piece that is simple and compact with a touch of the feminine.

IMPORTANT : Since cow hides are like a fingerprint, no two skins are the same. As a result, the skin you ordered will be similar to our picture, but not identical selection is random. There will be variations in colour, patterns, markings and tones. There may be also, small lines on the natural hide, these variations are not faults or defects, they are apart of the unique character of the natural hide.

We acknowledge that animal based or derived products are not for everyone. Typically, such products are sourced as by-products of the food production industry. Our trading terms with our suppliers require that all products meet or exceed strict Australian Government safety, testing, certification and import standards.


Size: H 31 x  W 29cm


Cowhide , Leather and Canvas