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Snow Crest Mother of Pearl Coffee Table

Snow Crest Mother of Pearl Coffee Table

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Snow Crest Mother of Pearl Coffee Table

Welcome a unique addition to your living area - carefully crafted with care and precision. This coffee table is more than just furniture, it's a conversation starter for your visitors. Add a touch of aesthetic functionality to your home with the Snow Crest Mother of Pearl Coffee Table.


Size: Height 41 CM Width 92CM Length 92CM

Materials:  Mother of Pearl, Sea shells, MDF

Colour Pattern: As per pattern shown in photo

Weight: 21kg

Hand made in Vietnam


Our hand-crafted Mother of Pearl furniture is expertly crafted, imparting each piece with a unique character of its own. Such pieces may bear small markings, smudges, glue spots, and other subtle details — all of which contribute to its one-of-a-kind look. Patterns may differ from those shown in its original photos. Note that these details are not faults and are instead part of the charm of such hand-crafted items. To maintain these pieces, they should not be used outdoors, nor should cleaning chemicals be used. Instead, use a lint-free cloth, and also make sure not to place these pieces near heat or sunlight, as this may cause fading.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This product is made from both natural Capiz and Mother of pearl shell. The items is covered with a protective lacquer.. This product will slightly discolour due to light, heat and atmospheric conditions.. it will eventually age to a slight yellow tinge.. this is natural wearing and is not a fault.. To minimise the effect, please avoid direct sunlight and heat, clean only with a lint free dry cloth, cleaning chemicals and damp cloths will cause damage.

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